What’s Your Hair Type?

This is probably the most frequent question I get asides “How did you achieve so and so style?”  Most times this question comes in different forms like “Is your hair like everyone else’s? ‘Why can’t my hair look like that” etc. Before I went natural I watched several YouTube videos of people who were already natural. I came across several textures, however, one thing I always told myself was that my texture will be different from theirs. I didn’t want to have unrealistic expectations. I have known people who went natural because they expected a particular texture, when they didn’t get it they went back to being relaxed. Which is perfectly okay, because people should do what makes them happy. Nevertheless, I would LOVE every girl/woman to embrace every single part of her! That includes your hair. So the first thing I tell people who want to go natural is, are you ready to accept your hair the way it is? I asked myself the same question too, when the answer was ‘yes’ I knew i was ready for the chop.


That is why I don’t hair type. Two people can have similar hair but I do not believe that it’ll be exactly the same. Just as we are unique individuals so is the hair on our head, it is uniquely ours and we should embrace that! But for the purpose of this post and for education, I have included 2 hair charts above and I’ll reference both of them to describe what I believe my hair texture is.


I have at least 3 different textures in my hair, it is possibly more than that. If you check my transitioning and my big chop posts you’ll probably notice it too. Using the charts above I would say I have a mixture of 4a, 4b and 4c hair or rather very curly, coiled and very coiled. other times, I think my hair is a mixture of 3c, 4a, 4b which is curly, very curly and coiled.

Tried to take this picture straight out of the shower so it isn’t very good, but these are the three textures I see. The front is so different!

Initially, I thought my different textures would be a problem and affect the styles I did, but it only made them stand out more. I would say my back hair is a 4a/4b, my side hair  4b/4c and my front hair 3c/4a. My front hair is sooooooo different. Most people don’t see the difference between my back and side hair but my front hair is obvious to all. When I big chopped I thought I had heat damage, however, I had hardly used heat during my transition and even when I did I used heat protectant and I was extra careful. 1 year later I am now sure that it is just the way my hair is.

My back hair during my transition. When you big chop your texture could possibly change because the relaxed hair weighs the natural hair down, when it is cut off your hair bounces back and could be more tightly coiled.
Side view of texture-no product

I battle with frizz, which you’ll see in later posts, and it mostly occurs at the front of my hair, also my front hair is much fuller therefore, when I style my hair the weight is always centered at the front.

Texture from scalp- I tried to use six flexi rods to straighten my hair–epic fail!
Brid out process- see my front hair texture how different it is. It is more wavy than curly

I guess now you can see how complicated it can be to describe my texture. But I hope that in some way this post helped you. I face challenges with my hair but doesn’t mean I love it any less. It is a part of me. I am not promising that if you go natural your hair will be like mine–it won’t. It’ll be yours and you’ll learn to love it and work with is just as I’m doing with mine.

Took my hair out of a braid and stretched it to see the length, It looks really long in this picture. Shrinkage is very real! I haven’t blow dried or straightened my hair since my big chop. I may do so this December just to see my length.

So what do you think my texture is?  What’s yours? How have you learned to embrace your hair? Let me know in the comments.

See you on the next one!

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Hair Type?

  1. really nice! That was quite a helpful read. Welldone! more grease to your elbows. special thanks for not making me have to follow the link to read it on the blog,,,I’m happy i could just read the mail… Cheers!Ehi

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